Creating A Successful Online Profile


Discover the four profile characteristics for success

Learn how to choose your profile name and the most effective types of pictures to post

Learn how to describe yourselves and the types of people you are looking to connect with

Bonus:  The Joneses will review your online profile and provide feedback!

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How to Talk to Your Partner About Swinging


Plan the best approach to broach the topic of the swinging lifestyle with your spouse or partner

Craft an authentic message and convey your thoughts and feelings in a clear, low pressure and loving way




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How to Successfully Be or Find a Single Guy in the Lifestyle



Single Guys: Are you trying to stand out from the crowd of single guys? Learn how to be the guy that every couple wants to meet!


Couples: Are you about to give up on single guys? We teach you how to find the right guy for you!

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Swinging Beyond 50


What does it means to be “too old” to do things in life?  Explore the obstacles and the benefits of joining the lifestyle at the age of 50 and beyond.

We provide pointers to help you find ways to have sexy fun as a mature couple in the lifestyle.

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12 Tips for Lifestyle Newbies


Are you new to or just curious about the swinging lifestyle?

Avoiding these 12 common mistakes will save wear and tear on your relationship and help you to have some sexy fun! 


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Transitioning to Playtime


Do you struggle with the idea of transitioning from to sexy fun with other people?

We discuss the progressive stages of an evening to make the transition less awkward and fun for all!

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Lifestyle Events and Venues


What is there to do in the lifestyle?  There are tons of different ways to get out there!

Discover the many ways to play and how to find things to do, both near and far, short-term events and longer term vacations.


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Mini-Course Selections

All mini-course purchases include the following:


  • Downloadable Discussion Questions and Checklists
  • Other Relevant Resources such as Podcasts, Blogs, Ted Talks, Website Links, and More
  • Bonus: Free Updates to Mini-Course Content and Resources
  • $49 Coupon Code that can be applied towards an upgrade to our Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey Community or Premier Level

Why Invest in Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey?

The value of this course is threefold.

It will save you valuable:

Rather than wander around the lifestyle for months or even years, our course is designed to step you through your journey in a practical and methodical way.

We help you to understand what lifestyle events, websites, resorts, parties and dating are all about so you can choose to spend your resources on the best experiences for you.

Wear and tear on your relationship:
We help you avoid mistakes, recover from the ones you do make, and learn how to have the right conversations and discussions at the right time.


"For anyone contemplating the lifestyle this is the quintessential guide. The Joneses are sexy, classy and informative and my wife and I can relate to them and their message on so many levels. With just a few months experience under our belts (so to speak) we have already endured a roller coaster of emotions but their guidance along the way helped strengthen our loving and committed relationship. Thank you Mr & Mrs Jones!"

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