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  • Downloadable Discussion Questions for Each Lesson

  • Other Relevant Resources such as Podcasts, Blogs, Ted Talks, and More

  • Bonus:  Lifetime Access to our Community Forum

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Ask for Directions - Before You Begin


Focus:  Becoming a Unified Team

Lesson 1:  Defining the Swinging Lifestyle

Lesson 2:  Talking About It with Your Partner

Lesson 3:  What’s Your Why?

Lesson 4:  Risks and Rewards

Lesson 5:  Making Peace with Your Decision


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Alternate Routes - Defining Your Play Style


Focus: Finding Your Place in the Lifestyle

Lesson 1:  Overview

Lesson 2:  Voyeurs/Exhibitionists

Lesson 3:  Girl/Girl Only Play

Lesson 4:  Soft or Full Swap

Lesson 5:  Single Males and Unicorns

Lesson 6:  Other Types of Play 

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Planning Your Lifestyle Journey


 Focus: Exploring the Lifestyle Community

Lesson 1:  Developing Your Lifestyle Identity

Lesson 2:  Creating an Online Profile

Lesson 3:  Finding the Right People to Date

Lesson 4:  Keeping a Healthy Balance and Perspective

Lesson 5:  Rules and Boundaries


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Hitting the Road - Ready to Play


Focus: Entering the Lifestyle Community

Lesson 1:  Types of Events or Venues

Lesson 2:  Communicating with Others Before Meeting

Lesson 3:  The Art of Flirting

Lesson 4:  Setting the Stage for Play and Transitions

Lesson 5:  Playtime!

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Rest Stop - Reflection and Reconnection


Focus:  Deepening Your Relationship

Lesson 1:  Debriefing

Lesson 2:  Reconnecting

Lesson 3:  Unpacking Emotions

Lesson 4:  Recovering from Mistakes

Lesson 5:  Moving Forward

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Arriving at Your Destination


Focus:  Growing in the Lifestyle

Lesson 1:  Pushing Boundaries

Lesson 2:  Group Play

Lesson 3:  Exclusivity and Polyamory

Lesson 4:  Pay it Forward

Lesson 5:  Where Do We Go from Here?

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You choose discussion topics!

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Why Invest in Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey?

The value of this course is threefold. 
It will save you valuable:

Rather than wander around the lifestyle for months or even years, our course is designed to step you through your journey in a practical and methodical way.

We help you to understand what lifestyle events, websites, resorts, parties and dating are all about so you can choose to spend your resources on the best experiences for you.

Wear and tear on your relationship:
We help you avoid mistakes, recover from the ones you do make, and learn how to have the right conversations and discussions at the right time.


"These two are the best lifestyle ambassadors for a sex-positive lifestyle we've heard. They are well spoken and have a great mix of information and humor! "

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