Premier Level Course

In addition to the complete Community Course content outlined below, as a Premier Level member you're entitled to three separate video conference sessions with Mr & Mrs Jones.  

Course Content: 
Our complete A-Z lifestyle course! Through more than 30 lessons we start from defining the lifestyle and discovering your playstyle, then move through exploring together as a couple and end with more advanced topics and making lifelong friendships.

Module 1: Ask for Directions- Before You Begin
We help define the lifestyle and help you explore why you might want to do this, how to talk about it together, the risks and rewards and making peace with your decision.

Module 2: Alternate Routes- Defining Your Playstyle
We discuss the various playstyles from voyeurism and exhibitionism to engaging with single males and females through soft or full swap.

Module 3: Planning Your Journey
We help you find your lifestyle identity, create your first profile and meet people online, maintain a healthy balance and keep the lifestyle in perspective and how to create your own rules and boundaries as a couple.

Module 4: Hitting the Road- Ready to Play!
We help you understand different lifestyle events and venues, how to best communicate with couples before you meet and flirt with them when you meet, and finally how to set the stage and transition to play.

Module 5: Rest Stop- Your Reflection and Reconnection
We help you learn how to debrief in a healthy way, reconnect sexually as a couple, how to unpack all those fresh emotions, how to recover from those inevitable mistakes and then move forward again in lock-step.

Module 6: Arriving at Your Destination
We discuss pushing your boundaries, group play, polyamory and exclusivity, making new friendships and paying it forward.


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